Liu Lusheng (1917-2005)



Liu Lusheng (1917-2005).
Landscape, 1980.
Ink and colour on paper, hanging scroll
66 x 43 cm (26 x 17 in)
Inscribed: the wind, the boat in the wind and rain, the mountain, the water
Signed and dated, 1980 and one artist seal
Back of scroll: painted by Liu Lusheng November 1980

Condition: minor creases; otherwise good condition

Provenance: From the collection of Li Gim Ying

One feature of Liu Lusheng\'s work is the bold but soft washes. This is evident with the uses of blank ink and brown and blue-grey colour that Lusheng must have observed when painting it in November. The blank spaces add to the misty atmosphere. The composition follows the Chinese tradition in paintings of a mountain passage with equally traditional elements such as mountains, water and trees. A minimal human presence is added to the immensity of the landscape in the form of equally traditional boats. A final touch is added with the liveliness of the birds on the opposite side of the boats to balance the composition.

Little is known about Liu Lusheng, although his work appears in auctions in China and is sold in auctions regularly. This painting was in the collection of Li Gim Ying. Ying seems to have been interested in including in his collection work by artists who were representative of Chinese contemporary paintings. An illustration of this is that he bought paintings at the end of the exhibition Fifteen Contemporary Chinese Paintings, Brooklyn Museum, September to October, 1980 (including the one at the front of the exhibition catalogue). Such exhibition was an exchange of artists\' work between the US and China in order to improve diplomatic relations.


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