Yang Yanwen (1939-2019)



Yang Yanwen (1939-2019)
Flowers by The Wall
Ink on paper
Dated 1987
89 x 95cm
Provenance: The Nanyue pavilion collection

Yang Yanwen was an oil and guohua painter. He attended CAFA, where he studied under Wu Guanzhong, and graduated in 1963. He became a professional painter at the Beijing Painting Academy. His style is very identifiable and shows both Chinese and Western influences. The Chinese influence is apparent on the free use of ink on paper and the choice of landscapes, often canal towns where he grew up, with water being a frequent element in his work. The Western influence is present in the line drawing technique and in the texture of coloured areas, achieved through layers of paint, a skill he acquired during many years as an oil painter.

His work was shown at Chinese National Art Exhibitions in China since the 1970s. He also had solo exhibitions in the China Art Gallery as well as overseas (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and Hong Kong). Because of his unique style, he received a Gold medal at the 5th Manciano International Art Exhibition in Italy in 1983, as well as other prizes from well-established international art institutions.

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