Two very rare wallpaper panels/ paintings with European people.



Two very rare wallpaper panels/paintings with European people. The drawing and painting style are naive but the general technique is well known in Chinese wallpaper of the same period (the use of the brush for bushes and trees, the general drawing of the buildings).
One panel shows a church with what clearly seems to be a risqué scene with a man and a woman, both Europeans dressed in European style. Their features, however, have a touch of the oriental, specially in the eyes. The second panel shows a building with the \'Union Jack\' (with the design and colours lacking accuracy) on top of it, outside which there are various figures. They wear clothes difficult to identify. They could be either members of a religious order or civic officials in one of the many eastern posts either established or visited by Europeans.
Although Europeans had a significant presence in the Far East (albeit not in numbers), representations of them are almost entirely limited to scenes that illustrate either situations of trade or copies from European prints. In contrast, these panels appear to represent scenes from local life. Someone might well have ordered the wallpaper/painting panels, possibly to bring back to Europe. There might have been a larger number of panels but those were either lost or somehow separated from these two.
Colour on paper
Two framed panels
Circa 1800
(some restoration)
 An example, from Strathallan Castle, with a Hong scene is in the Peabody Essex Museum