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Chen Pei Hua (1930-)

Chen Pei Hua (1930-)
Birds amongst magnolia blooms
Ink and colour on paper, mounted and framed
90 x 50 cm (20 x 35.5 in)
Signed, inscribed, three seals
Condition: very good
Provenance: the owner's family acquired the painting from the artist directly while living in China

Chen Pei Hua was born in Xiangtan, the province of Hunan. From early on in his childhood, he showed an interest in painting and calligraphy. He graduated from The Hunan Fine Art Cadre School in 1957, was a member of the Hunan Calligraphy Association and occupied a high position in the Hu Xiangtan City Calligraphy Association and in the Tanzhou Painting Academy. He has translated numerous articles on calligraphy and art (e.g. some for CAFA ART INFO, an artistic organization, closely related to the Central Academy of Fine Arts, which aims to promote domestic artists and communications on an international level).

Chen Pei Hua's style of painting is characteristic of many Chinese artists of the mid- and later part of the 20th century, in the way in which free and loose brushes are applied to the traditional subject matter of birds and flowers.