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Tao Shoubo (1902-1997)

Tao Shoubo (1902-1997)

Two paintings:
Plum blossom and bamboo.
Sparrows on a tree branch
Ink and watercolour on paper, hanging scroll
34 x 44 cm (13 x 17 in)
Signed, inscribed and one seal, dated 1957, Singapore
Condition: minor creases, otherwise good
Provenance: property from a British collector

Tao Shoubo was born in Jiansu, China. He started learning Chinese calligraphy and painting from his grandfather at an early age. At age 15, he was studying with Tang Bo Chien and Tang Chong Fang.  He joined the Shanghai Painting Association in 1924 and exhibited numerous times all over Asia. He would also paint with Pu Ru (1896-1963) and Fang Changqian (1908-1985), working on the same painting together, as it is traditional in Chinese paintings. This scroll reflects Tao's interest in birds and plants, all painted in gentle colours.