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Chinese enamel-on-copper basin

An exceptional Chinese enamel-on-copper basin decorated in the well with three exotic birds overflying another perched on a branch of flowering prunus, chrysanthemum and peony, all within a blue formal foliage band, the cavetto with a wide dramatic rococo band of flowers and fruits, the flat rim with various floral panels on a green cash ground between two narrow floral bands, the underside with intertwined lychee, ruyi and osmanthus sprays, the side with a scrolling flowering and fruiting gourd branch above two floral bands, the rim with pink and blue scrolling flowering chrysanthemum foliage
35.5cm diameter
Yongzheng-Qianlong circa 1735
(virtually perfect condition; some minor surface roughness from the manufacture, also some minor scratching)
*unusually heavy and solid