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Gu Xiao-Lan (1956-)

Gu Xiao-Lan (1956-)
Yellow Mountain peak
Chinese black ink on Xuan paper
50 x 50 cm (20 x 20 in), framed (32 x 32 cm -2.5 x 12.5 in- unframed)
Signed (in red), one seal (artist's name, Gu Xiao-Lan), inscribed (View of Yellow Mountain)
Painted in August 2014

Xiaolan obtained an MA in Fine Art & Illustration at Kingston University, London. She now teaches Chinese Painting, Calligraphy and Arts & Crafts at several schools, including Hampstead School of Art. She has exhibited and demonstrated Chinese Art at the Victoria and Albert and British Museums, amongst several other places.
Xiaolan's work is influenced by nature -the Yellow Mountains of the An Hui Province in China, the Thames River and Hampstead Heath often feature in her work.  Xiaolan: "Nature is more alive than me, it feeds me, it teaches me, even if I am lost in the woods, the trees protect me". Most of her paintings, including some of Hampstead Heath, show an immediately apparent combination of both Chinese and western painting techniques, conventions and materials.